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Understanding Long-Term Disability Insurance Claims

Millions of Americans suffer from disabilities that limit or prevent them from being able to perform their job. Long-term disability insurance protects employees who are unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness, injury or workplace accident by paying their loss of income.

Many employed Americans have long-term disability insurance coverage through their employer. And if your employer does not offer this as part of the benefits package you can purchase Long-Term Disability Insurance on your own. Long-term disability insurance is a critical benefit to have in order to cover your income if you unexpectedly become unable to work.

How Difficult is it to Get Your Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits if You Become Disabled and Unable to Work?

Obtaining your long-term disability insurance can be difficult and requires a complex claims process. The claims process can take months and is usually administered by a company or an in-house claims administrator. Whether your claim is approved or denied relies heavily on the Administrative Record. Once the Administrative Record is closed it can be used against your claim as evidence.

If you are employed and have long-term disability insurance, and you become disabled and unable to perform your job, call Daggett Shuler for help. We understand how to work with insurance companies, and we understand how Long-Term Disability Insurance Benefits work.

If you are looking to file for long-term disability insurance benefits, it is important to have an experienced long-term disability insurance lawyer helping you through the entire claims process.

At Daggett Shuler, our attorneys are experienced in handling ERISA and private long-term disability cases. Ideally, with employer-sponsored ERISA claims, we like to get involved as soon as the claims administrator denies the claim so that we can appeal the decision immediately. Call us today for a free consolation at 336-724-1234 and let an experienced long-term disability attorney at Daggett Shuler help you.

This allows us to develop the administrative record in the event a lawsuit has to be filed. If a long-term disability insurance benefits claim is denied through the administrative appeal process, then we have the experience and knowledge needed to litigate the claim.

Daggett Shuler Law – You Can Depend on Us

I was in a horrific automobile accident in 2021. While in the hospital a friend of mine reached out to Daggett Shuler without my knowledge, fortunately Attorney Mike Clark took my case. Ge fought so hard for me! He drove the road I was on himself, he more than answered every question I had, he was so concerned and caring not only for me but for my family as well. Without a doubt hands down I would refer anyone to him. He will fight for you and stand up for you!

Kenzie Moose