School Bus


Over twenty-five million children ride the bus to school each year. No parent wants to think about the possibility that his or her child could be injured in a school bus accident. However, with a large number of children who ride the bus to school, these accidents can happen. In fact, many school bus related accidents do not occur on the bus, but as children are waiting for the bus or entering or leaving the bus.

Additionally, most school buses are not equipped with seat belts or restraint systems.  Because of that, children are especially vulnerable to injury when they fall out of their seats during crashes or when bus drivers brake suddenly or make sharp turns.  Although the majority of the injuries are minor, some injuries are catastrophic and as many as 11 children a year die as a result of a school bus accident.

Accidents like these can leave your child with lasting effects. Of course, medical care and the well-being of your child is the number one priority. Your child may require long-term health care or rehabilitation services. When you work with Daggett Shuler, we make the legal process easy so you can focus on your child.


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Most schools use the traditional yellow school bus to transport students to and from school, but not all school systems do. Others rely on vans or other hired vehicles to transport students, especially special needs students or in more rural communities. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimates the number of children injured in bus accidents at as many as 12,000 per year.

There are many contributing factors to school bus accidents including:

  • Distracted bus drivers
  • Buses overturning due to sudden moves, poor weather, or poor bus maintenance
  • Collisions due to an object in the road or flying debris
  • Crashes that involve other vehicles due to poor driving ability, and not enough training

The majority of school bus accidents are preventable and are due to driver error or poor equipment & maintenance.

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