Dangerous Drug Lawyers

Pharmaceutical companies develop medications to treat a variety of conditions, from arthritis to cancer. Unfortunately, these drugs aren’t always as safe as their manufacturers claim they are. In some cases, taking these medications can lead to severe side effects or even death.

Major pharmaceutical companies release medications to consumers before adequately testing them often resulting in severely harmful side effects. As consumers, we trust pharmaceutical companies to develop medications that will help treat our medical conditions and not make them worse or cause other unrelated side effects.

When a manufacturer develops and sells a dangerous drug, the effects of the drug usually impact many lives. For this reason, these matters are often handled as class action lawsuits. A class action lawsuit is a lawsuit in which multiple people join together against a specific defendant with the same complaint.

There are hundreds of bad drugs on the market today and each year thousands of consumers file lawsuits against the manufacturers responsible.

Some of the drugs that have caused serious or fatal side effects includes:

  • Pradaxa
  • SSRI Drugs
  • Xarelto

The list of bad drugs is extensive and can be found on the FDA website.

Other harmful side effects associated with dangerous drugs include:

  • Stroke
  • Depression and/or suicide
  • High blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Birth Defects & Injuries

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