Railroad Injury Attorneys

Railroad workers put themselves at risk on the job every day due to the harsh and dangerous conditions in the rail yard. There are multiple occupational hazards that exist for railroad workers, who are subjected to long, strenuous hours on the job while enduring challenging physical labor.

Did you know that railroad workers on average suffer twice the fatality rate compared to the average American worker?

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Railroad employees and their families are not allowed to collect workers’ compensation benefits. If injured while on the job they are required to pursue a compensation claim through the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).

FELA was passed by Congress in 1908 before there were even laws in place regarding workers’ compensation. The main goal was to make it too expensive for railroads to cover expenses for workers’ injuries in hopes that they would protect their workers from being injured to avoid these expenses. Under FELA there is no monetary limitation on compensation.

Each year thousands of railroad workers are killed and even more are injured while on the job. There are many common causes of railroading workers’ fatalities and injuries including:

  • Construction injuries
  • Electrocutions
  • Falls
  • Highway crashes not involving trains
  • Homicides
  • Pedestrian workers struck by railway vehicle
  • Pedestrian workers struck by vehicle
  • Railway accidents (including falls in, on or from railway vehicles)
  • Transportation accidents

This law might exempt injured railway workers from being able to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, but FELA grants employers who have been injured to pursue compensation through federal or local state courts.

Under FELA one must show proof that they sustained injuries in whole or in part to the negligence of the railroads.

A standard of absolute liability is posed by Congress if an injured worker can show the railroad violated a safety regulation or statute.

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