Dog Bite Lawyers

Dogs are widely known as “man’s best friend,” but not in all cases. Unfortunately, dogs are also capable of causing severe injury and destruction, which happens more than you think. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 4.7 million Americans suffer dog bites yearly.

Depending on the size and strength of the dog, a dog bite can cause serious damage. For example, bites could sever a finger, damage facial nerves, penetrate body organs, cause infection, and certainly cause emotional trauma. The damage can range from broken and fractured bones to significant scarring and deformities. It is not uncommon for the victim to be so severely injured that surgery is required. If complications arise, injuries can even turn fatal.

When a dog bite injures someone, responsibility can be attributed to the dog owner, who may have had inadequate fencing or no dog lead, allowing the dog to run free. However, in the case of fencing, the property owner could be the apartment building owner, and the building manager could also be found negligent.

Sometimes, a person keeps a dog knowing well that it is aggressive and tends to attack certain people. It could target anyone who approaches it – especially children. Liability may also be attributed to a person in charge of the dog at the time of the dog bite. That could be a dog sitter, trainer, or anyone walking or handling the dog.

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