January 2015

What If The Insurance Company is Unreasonable?

What if the insurance company I am working with is being unreasonable? If the insurance company is unreasonable in settling my case, what can I do? If you do not feel the insurance company is acting reasonably and in good faith, you may wish to contact the North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance at 1-800-662-7777. Or you…

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Drunk Driver Causes Multi-Vehicle Pileup After Running Red Light

Police are reporting that a multi-car pileup that occurred in Johnston County, NC over the weekend was caused by a drunk driver that failed to stop at a red light. The selfish and reckless actions of this driver created a very dangerous situation for several other motorists. A total of 6 people were taken to…

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Who Provides and Directs the Medical Treatment of the Employee?

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Who Provides and Directs the Medical Treatment of the Employee? If the employer or its insurance company has accepted the employee’s claim and is paying for medical expenses, then the employer or the insurance company generally provides and directs medical treatment in North Carolina. The Industrial Commission may allow an employee to change physicians or…

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EMS Worker Fatally Injured After Being Struck by Tractor-Trailer

A sad and unfortunate incident took place Wednesday morning on Highway 14 just north of Greensboro. After stopping to assist two motorists stranded on the side of the Highway, an off-duty Emergency Medical Services worker was struck and killed by a tractor trailer driver who lost control of his vehicle while traveling at excessive speeds….

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Winston-Salem Drunk Driver Arrested After Colliding With School Bus

At Daggett Shuler, North Carolina Personal Injury law firm, we are committed to spreading awareness to combat the dangers of drunk and intoxicated driving. Our Safe Sober Prom Night campaign is aimed at teenagers and encourages them to pledge to be safe and abstain from alcohol and drugs on prom night. We also recently highlighted…

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What Can I Do if I Believe My Employer Will Punish Me for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

What can I do if I believe my employer will punish me for filing a workers’ compensation claim? It is illegal for employers to terminate or penalize you for filing a claim. But unfortunately, it happens. To protect yourself it’s important to document everything as fully as possible. You should save all paperwork related to…

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