July 2014

Swimming Pool Accidents Are Preventable – Stay Safe This Summer

A three-year-old boy from Chadbourn, North Carolina drowned last week while unattended by a pool at a family birthday party. Unfortunately, this is a common event during the heat of the summer months, when men, women and children flock to pools and water parks to cool off. It is important to follow all safety regulations…

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If Involved in an Accident, Who Pays my Medical Costs?

Typically what you want to do is file all of your medical bills with your health insurance when you’re involved in an accident. The reason is, is because if you file all those, then the medical providers’ bills get paid, and it stays up to date. You don’t have bill collectors coming after you. Now, lots of insurance these days, they’re entitled to reimbursement when you recover from the…

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