February 2011

Running Safety

Running Safety        Safety is an important part of fitness activities. Our friends at Fleet Feet Sports along with our Daggett Shuler team recently put on a Safety Clinic for runners. We weren’t sure how big of a draw “safety” would be, but were impressed when close to 100 runners, both beginners and advanced, showed up for the discussions.         We were joined by Sergeant…

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Rights for Injured Workers

Rights for Injured Workers        Everyone can agree that we want workers in our state to be safe and to be treated fairly. Anyone who has suffered a work injury knows that it can be tough getting what is fair, particularly if the injuries are severe or if future income earning ability is limited.        Fairness should not be political, but unfortunately it is. A…

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Heart Healthy

Heart Healthy           February is American Heart Month. That seems to make sense since it also coincides with Valentine’s Day. So, let’s review a few tips to help keep our heart healthy. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer in our society. The American Heart Association has many resources and events to help raise awareness. Hopefully these efforts will turn the rising tide of heart…

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