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Rights for Injured Workers

February 17th, 2011 Uncategorized
Rights for Injured Workers
       Everyone can agree that we want workers in our state to be safe and to be treated fairly. Anyone who has suffered a work injury knows that it can be tough getting what is fair, particularly if the injuries are severe or if future income earning ability is limited.
       Fairness should not be political, but unfortunately it is. A new Workers’ Compensation bill is about to be filed in the North Carolina Senate and North Carolina House of Representatives that proposes to significantly cut benefits paid to injured workers.
        Big business and insurance companies are pushing for a change in long-standing workers’ compensation laws that would result in: (1) cutting off benefits arbitrarily after a certain number of weeks after the workplace injury, even if the injured worker is still disabled from all work; and (2) cutting off benefits even sooner, if the insurance company can show that there is a job within the injured worker’s physical restrictions, even if the job pays substantially less, has no room for advancement, and has no benefits.
      People across the state of North Carolina need to contact their legislators NOW to let them know that they do not support a change in workers’ compensation laws because this new bill would significantly affect so many injured workers. People need to tell their legislators that people need to be heard on the impact of this bill, and public comments need to be allowed before they vote on any bill.
      People also need to let their legislators know that a bill like this would shift the burden of workplace injuries from the insurance companies onto taxpayers because many injured workers would have to file for government, public programs for support.
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Mary Snider