May 2013

Take the Lead

Sometimes we have to stretch outside our comfort zone in order to become better as people.  “Take the Lead” our local “Dancing with the Stars” event to raise money for the homeless made me stretch a bit more than I anticipated! Yes, that’s dancing, not running! I was asked to participate in the Annual Winston-Salem version of “Dancing with the Stars.”  I was offered a professional dancer…

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Many Hands Make Light Work

“Many hands make light work” goes the old saying.  We saw that in action over the past six weeks during prom season – and it makes a huge difference! The 23rd year of the Safe Sober Prom Night program has been an unmitigated success!  We visited 40 high schools in eight counties in just over six weeks distributing approximately 15,000 t-shirts to students who made…

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Types Injuries You Can Claim Under Workers’ Compensation Law?

What injuries are covered under workers’ compensation law? That’s our topic on this episode of Main Street Law. My guest today is North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney David Daggett of Daggett Shuler Law. So David, thanks for being here today. David: Thank you Cindy. Thanks for having me on. Cindy: Well, David, are there regulations that stipulate what injuries are covered under workers’ compensation law in North…

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