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Take the Lead

Sometimes we have to stretch outside our comfort zone in order to become better as people.  “Take the Lead” our local “Dancing with the Stars” event to raise money for the homeless made me stretch a bit more than I anticipated!

Yes, that’s dancing, not running! I was asked to participate in the Annual Winston-Salem version of “Dancing with the Stars.”  I was offered a professional dancer as a partner, but opted for my lovely bride Cindy who was an accomplished ballet dancer in her day. Shortly after it was announced that we were the first ever husband- wife couple, a couple of others did the same.

Now, let me let you in on a secret . . . I can’t dance!   However, I couldn’t resist this great cause.  However, I had to stretch, humble, and expose myself in my dancing debut.  The “pain” was mental and physical, which I found became a new opportunity and avenue for personal growth.  When we step, or in this case dance,  outside our comfort zones we learn more about ourselves.  And in giving we often receive more than we realize in return.


For the dance we took on the roles of Clark Kent and Lois Lane doing a tango in front of a phone booth facade. The number ended in a twist, as Cindy turned into Superwoman and I, as Ironman, carried her on my shoulder as if she was flying.

The Bethesda Center for the Homeless does a terrific job in caring for our community’s most desperate and vulnerable individuals.   They do more than just feed the homeless, they move homeless people into housing, while providing supportive services that result in independent living.   What you may not know is that many of these people are just like us, and then  find themselves in a sudden transition or emergency.

When we stretch ourselves in to new areas we also grow.  New challenges and opportunities give us the chgance to improve as individuals.  When combined with service to others there is an added joy of service that enhances our overall satisfaction and fulfillment.

We appreciate the encouragement and support Cindy and I received  in our public dancing debut.  In total the event raised more than $220,000.00.  From the bottom of our hearts to the tips of my twinkle toes, thank you.

Take the lead,


I would like to take time to thank the staff at Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law. To Megan Youngblood for helping me get my disability started; thank you so much for everything!

Olivia Winston