February 2014

What Happens if an Employee Returns to work and Earns Less Wages than Before an Injury?

What happens if the employee returns to work earning less wages than before the injury? The employee may be entitled to receive a partial disability check if the employee returns to work and the pay received for this work is not as much as the average weekly wage earned before the injury. The amount of this partial disability check will be two thirds of the…

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What Do I Need to Know if My Child is Injured in an Accident?

What do I need to know if my minor child is injured in an accident? The law handles minor’s claims differently than adults. Settlement of a minor’s claim may require approval by a judge. Also, the medical expenses a minor incurs may not be considered part of the minor’s claim but the claim of his or her parents. Before settling your child’s claim, you should contact an attorney to…

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Do I Need to Sign Medical Authorization Forms?

Do I need to sign medical authorization forms so the defendant’s insurance company can see my records? No. You can simply get the medical records pertaining to your injury treatment and provide them to the defendant’s insurance adjustor. If you sign an unlimited authorization, the insurance company is entitled to obtain all of your medical records, whether or not they relate to the accident.

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