October 2023

Run for Joy 5K on Triad Today


On Saturday, October 21st, attorneys David Daggett and Griff Shuler appeared on Triad Today with Lawrie Beardsley, founder of the Run for Joy 5K. They discussed the upcoming event, which raises funds to promote mental health awareness and wellness among the medical trainee community. Watch the segment: The Run for Joy 5K was founded in 2020,…

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Handling Your Car Accident Claim on Your Own? It May Cost You.


A do-it-yourself approach can save you the money and hassle of hiring a professional for many projects and everyday tasks. After a car accident, however, too much is at stake, and taking on the insurance company yourself is not the best idea. Here’s why: Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Auto Accident Claim…

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