November 2014

Do I Need Separate Insurance for my Bicycle?

Do I need separate insurance for my bicycle? You probably do not need separate insurance for your bicycle. For accidents and liability, you should be covered by your automobile insurance policy. For theft and vandalism, your homeowners coverage will usually protect you, and will cover the replacement cost of the bike. However, remember that all…

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My Employer Does Not Carry Workers’ Comp Insurance

Daggett Shuler Personal Injury Lawyers and Attorneys Winston-Salem North Carolina Greensboro North Carolina Work Injury Worker

What if my employer does not carry Workers’ Compensation insurance? You may still be able to collect compensation for your injury, but it depends on the circumstances. If the employer was at fault for the injury, you can consider suing your employer. You should talk to an experienced attorney for more information about this. If…

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Local Families Fall Victim to Fatal Tractor-Trailer Accident

Over the past several months, you’ve heard a lot about tractor trailer accidents and the serious damage they can do. Just four months ago, the headlines were about actor and comedian Tracy Morgan who was hit by a tractor-trailer while riding in a limo bus. This accident was devastating. Morgan is still recovering and the…

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Learn the Facts About Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury

Autumn is one of the most active seasons for youth sports, with many soccer, basketball, football and hockey leagues in full swing all across the country. Youth sports are a crucial aspect of the growth and development for many children, but more than ever it is essential for parents, teachers and administrators to keep kids…

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