Driving Safety

Winter Driving Safety on Triad Today


On Saturday, January 28th, attorneys David Daggett and Griff Shuler of Daggett Shuler Law appeared on Triad Today to share information and tips about staying safe on the roads this winter. Watch the segment: You may have noticed that it feels like there are more accidents on the roads these days. This is true; a recent…

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The Importance of Trucking Safety


Truck drivers do Americans a tremendous service by transporting much-needed items and goods where they need to be, day in and day out. When driving on the highway, you will likely encounter at least one trucker at work, delivering essential cargo to or from a destination. In this case, other motorists must drive safely and…

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Winter Safety on Triad Today


On Saturday, January 22nd, attorneys David Daggett and Griff Shuler of Daggett Shuler Law appeared on  Triad Today to provide important information about winter safety. With icy and cold weather across the Triad, everyone should have these tips. Watch the segment: The best advice is if you don’t absolutely have to go out, stay home….

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Wearing a Seat Belt: How it Could Affect Your Car Accident Claim


Seat belts save lives and help to reduce injuries during car accidents. Despite the obvious safety advantages and laws that require buckling up, some motorists still choose not to buckle up. Suppose you weren’t wearing a seat belt at the time of an accident in North Carolina. In that case, you might be wondering what…

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Driving Tips for Newly Licensed Drivers and Teens


When it comes to driving, you can never be too safe. Our guide provides vital information for new teen drivers to consider before they consider hitting the road. Understand the Risks Learning how to drive is an exhilarating experience for teenagers. Still, it’s imperative to know the hazards you now face behind the wheel. Critical…

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New Season, New Dangers: Fall Driving Safety Tips for Drivers of All Ages


Most people think of autumn as a gentle time, but fall has multiple driving hazards that can result in damage or injury. There are a few ways to stay safe on the roads this fall.  Here are some things that require special attention this season: Pay Close Attention to the Weather Several weather conditions in…

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How Can You Drive Safely Around Tractor Trailers?


There’s no doubt that driving any automotive vehicle can be dangerous. But when involved in an accident, some vehicles can prove more dangerous than others. The damage that can be caused by a tractor-trailer far exceeds that of a car. At 80,000 pounds, an average tractor-trailer weighs about 20 times more than an average car….

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Be Safe and Stay Sober This Holiday Season

wine glasses on table

The holidays are a time for celebration, but sometimes celebrating goes too far when alcohol is involved. Individuals who get behind the wheel while intoxicated can turn a joyful day into a nightmare. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the number of DUI arrests is the highest of the year. This is referred to as “DUI…

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Obtaining a North Carolina Driver’s License

teen driver

Driving is a privilege and not a right. That is why the state of North Carolina works hard to ensure the safety of everyone on the road by requiring drivers to be licensed. Here is the process for obtaining a North Carolina Driver’s License. Learner’s Permit  In order to obtain a learner’s permit in North…

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Shining A Light on Headlight and Hazard Light Laws In NC

cars using headlights

When we’re driving at night, one of our first actions is to turn on our headlights. It’s even automatic in some vehicles, without needing to give it a second thought. But while we know that we need to utilize lights to drive in the dark, there are other times that we are mandated to use…

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