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Winter Safety on Triad Today


On Saturday, January 22nd, attorneys David Daggett and Griff Shuler of Daggett Shuler Law appeared on  Triad Today to provide important information about winter safety. With icy and cold weather across the Triad, everyone should have these tips. Watch the segment:

The best advice is if you don’t absolutely have to go out, stay home. If that isn’t possible and you must venture out, here are the following things to remember:

  • Before you leave, make sure to clean any ice and snow off your car. It can fly off your car while driving, which can obstruct views and present a danger to other drivers.
  • Pay special attention to clearing snow off of your taillights. In inclement weather, it’s best to be as visible as you can be.
  • Drive slowly. It can be very difficult to spot ice on the road and it takes longer to stop on a slick surface.
  • Keep a safe following distance between yourself and other vehicles. While this is good practice during any type of weather, it is especially important to increase this distance while bad weather is occurring.

If you do end up in an accident, there are things you should do right away:

  • Move your car off the road or as far over as possible. If poor conditions are a factor, it’s easier for other drivers to get in an accident as well. Moving over also helps keep you safe if you need to get out of your car.
  • Collect the documentation you will need: take photos of damage and the scene if you can, call 911, get the other driver’s information, and be sure to get a copy of the police report.
  • Seek medical attention right away. It is possible that injuries may become evident several days after the accident, but getting medical documentation right after the accident will help your claim. While emergency rooms are busy, you can also contact your primary care physician or go to an urgent care facility.
  • Contact an attorney to get the best advice for your situation. Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations.

It isn’t just roads that are dangerous in icy weather, though; sidewalks can present a different type of hazard. There are some things to know if you’re on foot:

  • Wear boots (or shoes) with soles with good treads. Smooth-soled shoes increase the chance that you may slip.
  • Go slowly!
  • If you do fall and get injured, seek medical treatment right away. Injuries resulting from a fall on ice can be very serious.

Following a slip and fall accident, contact a trusted attorney. Depending on location, a claim may fall under Workers’ Compensation (if it happened on your employer’s property). A qualified attorney will help you determine how to move forward with a claim.

Later in the episode, David Daggett also participated in the Roundtable discussion with Ogi Overman and Keith Grandberry. They talked about current news items and political issues.

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I would like to take time to thank the staff at Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law. To Megan Youngblood for helping me get my disability started; thank you so much for everything!

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