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If Involved in an Accident, Who Pays my Medical Costs?

Typically what you want to do is file all of your medical bills with your health insurance when you’re involved in an accident. The reason is, is because if you file all those, then the medical providers’ bills get paid, and it stays up to date. You don’t have bill collectors coming after you.

Now, lots of insurance these days, they’re entitled to reimbursement when you recover from the automobile accident. So you may have to pay your health insurance back, but it’s always better to have your health insurance pay your medical expenses on the front end.

Let me give another answer to that question. If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident and you have health insurance, just because you have health insurance that doesn’t mean that the other side and their liability insurance doesn’t have to pay. They have to pay also. What the law says is that if you are prudent enough to have coverage for yourself, the person at fault or their insurance company does not get a credit for that. So it’s very important to always turn your medical bills over to your health insurance.

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Robert Grunden