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Less Traffic, but More Severe Collisions on NC Roads


Even as stay-at-home-orders start to ease in North Carolina, roadways remain lighter than normal. In fact, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the volume of traffic on roadways has decreased by up to half across the state. But despite fewer cars on the road, the number of drivers driving at excessive speeds has increased, as has the occurrence of severe crashes.

With the threat of COVID-19, there are fewer highway patrols out and about. To combat the risk of transmission, law enforcement has been attempting to limit contact between themselves and drivers. This has caused a decrease in citations. However, there has been an increase in speeding, with police pulling over many drivers going 100 mph or more.

Why the Increase in Speeding?

According to the NC Highway Patrol, there are several contributing factors as to why many drivers are speeding on near-empty roads. Some drivers simply wish go as fast as they can given the open roads in front of them; others lose track of their speed.

With many cars usually traveling at once, many drivers have gotten used to adjusting their speed based upon the traffic around them. But without the other vehicles to compare themselves to, they are underestimating just how fast they are traveling.

Increase in Severity of Crashes

While the overall number of crashes has decreased, the severity of these collisions has increased. Through early May, over 400 fatalities resulting from vehicle crashes have occurred across the state. Additionally, the State Highway Patrol has reported that the number of drivers going more than 25 mph over the speed limit has increased by 13 percent.

Unfortunately, North Carolina is not alone. During the pandemic the number of drivers reported speeding has become an issue nation-wide. While drivers are urged to slow down to save lives, the hope is that as drivers return to the roads, the rules of the road will once again become front-of-mind.

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