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Halloween Safety: Avoiding the Real Scares

Halloween safety street sign

Halloween is a fun time for kids both young and old. For parents, however, it can also bring its own unique set of concerns. With this in mind, Daggett Shuler offers a few insightful facts and useful tips to keep everyone safe this Halloween.

Safety Facts

According to Injury Facts—a statistical report published by the National Safety Council (NSC) in 2017—motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians in 2015 resulted in:

  • 6,700 pedestrian deaths
  • 160,000 pedestrian injuries

The research shows 17% of deaths involved crossing intersections or roads improperly. Of these deaths, about 15% of children aged 5-9 and 7% of children aged 10-15 were killed when they ran into the road. Some 15% of these tragedies were attributed to poor lighting, dark clothing, or other visibility issues.

Statistics show children are twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car on Halloween compared to any other day.

Safety on Foot

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers the following Halloween Safety Tips:

  • Accompany all young children on their neighborhood rounds
  • Plan an acceptable route for older children walking alone
  • Agree on a specific return time for children to come home
  • Teach children to remain together in familiar, well-lit areas
  • Avoid masks—which obstruct vision—in favor of face paint
  • Fasten reflective tape or glow sticks to costumes and bags
  • Advise children to keep heads-up and be aware of surroundings
  • Teach children to walk—rather than run—across the street

Safety on the Road

The National Safety Council offers safety tips for anyone driving on Halloween:

  • Keep a sharp eye out for children walking along roads, medians, or curbs
  • Enter and exit all driveways, alleys, and residential streets carefully
  • After dark, remain especially watchful for any children in dark clothing
  • Discourage any new, inexperienced drivers from driving on Halloween

We Can Help.

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