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David Daggett Explores the Art Behind Picking a Jury on WFMY NEWS 2

With the TV show Bull, season 2 debuting, WFMY News 2 wanted to know what the jury selection process was like in real life. In order to find out, they asked attorney David Daggett to discuss and demonstrate the process of selection and elimination.

David talked about the first things he looks for when selecting a juror. When asking potential jurors questions, you need to look at body language, are their eyes directly looking at you or away, do they seem to have any preconceived opinions about the case or subject matter.

There are so many variables that go into attorneys selecting jurors, there is not an exact science, but there certainly is a strategy that you learn and perfect over years of experience.

David Daggett said, “Picking a jury is half science, half art. The attorney needs to size up the jury, determining who might be favorable and who might not be favorable to their arguments.”

Jurors are asked questions on topics relating to issues in the case to gauge their reactions. David looks for a juror who appears affable, someone who is likely to favor to his arguments and who may be susceptible to persuasion.

When selecting a jury, one may make assumptions based on the way someone looks, their eye contact, and how they react to questions that you ask them.

Watch this fun clip here:

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