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Spotlight with David Daggett: The 2022 Backpack Program


Who doesn’t love a new beginning? New Year’s resolutions, new training programs, new races, and especially starting lines at Triathlons! One of the best new beginnings for our young people is the start of a new school year. Please join me in cheering on our students as they begin another year of school!

The start of the school year is very influential for our young people.  Research shows that a positive start can change a life forever. Unfortunately, many of our young students will not have all the supplies that they need for a successful start to the new school year. To help with this, for the past eight years, Daggett Shuler and the Winston-Salem Police Department have partnered to give underprivileged children the right start to the school year.

We pack 250 backpacks with all the items an elementary school-aged child needs and deliver these backpacks to five local elementary schools ahead of the start of school. School administrators will identify the students who need these items the most. Those students will be provided with a brand-new backpack filled with supplies to start the school year right!

Pencils, crayons, pencil sharpeners, scissors, notebooks, rulers, glue sticks, erasers, two-pocket folders, and earbuds will help students who otherwise would not have anything to start the year. In fact, studies show that children who start the school year without the required materials quickly end up lagging behind their peers. Giving children their own backpack and supplies improves their grades and classroom behavior, and they often become more engaged with school and learning. And giving a student a new backpack sets them on the right course for the whole school year.

Back-to-school can be a very expensive time for any family, and after the volatile past two years, many more families have fallen on hard times. Our Back-to-School Backpack program helps relieve some of the burden of outfitting a young student for school and will hopefully bring a smile to a child who gets to pick out their brand-new backpack.

Please join us in encouraging and supporting our young people as they head back to school.  A great start means a great future, and that is great for all of us and the future of our community!


I would like to take time to thank the staff at Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law. To Megan Youngblood for helping me get my disability started; thank you so much for everything!

Olivia Winston