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Rules for Goblins and Ghouls

Rules for Goblins and Ghouls

~Halloween Safety Tips~

       We hope and your family have a happy and safe Halloween. While you are watching out for witches, ghosts, and goblins please remember a few safety tips so that you and your family has a safe and fun Halloween.
      • Your children should be closely supervised by adults.
      • Older children should go out in groups, never alone.
      • Use flashlights and reflective clothing to make certain you are visible to cars.
      • Always walk facing traffic (on the left side of the road). Take care when crossing streets.
      • Walk – do not run on dark streets and driveways.
      • Limit visits to homes of neighbors you know.
      • Limit visits to homes that have their front porches lit with a welcoming light. Politely choose one piece of candy when you are offered a selection.
      • Remember to kindly thank those who offer treats.
      • Wear makeup instead of masks if you need to decorate your face.
      • Be sure your costumes are comfortable and easy to walk in.
      • Wear comfortable shoes.
      • Refrain from eating candy while out trick or treating.
      • Once home, adults should help younger children to sort candy and be sure all wrappers are in tact. Older children should do this too.
      • Be extra careful of flowing costumes near open flames such as jack-o-lanterns.
       Have a goblin good time!
      Our Daggett Shuler Team wishes your family a safe and happy Halloween!

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