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I was injured in May of 2018. A person I worked with told me about Daggett  Shuler. I called them and Cindy Cosgrove took my information over the phone. Cindy spoke with Griff Shuler. He called and from then until the end I left everything up the firm. They are very professional, courteous, and very encouraging on where their clients are in the outcome. I was very satisfied with my outcome and I’m sure they did the very best for me. Thank you Daggett  Shuler and extra thanks to Cindy Cosgrove. She kept me informed on what was going on and she would even calm me down if I got excited about my case. If there is anyone that needs great representation, Cindy Cosgrove and Daggett Shuler are the go-to guys.

Tori was very helpful and it was a pleasure to have her handle my case. It was her hard work that the process was very short. Thank you so much!

Todd Yarbrough