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Super Heroes

Daggett Shuler represents what advocating for citizens should always look like. Talking the talk and walking the walk is just the beginning. I had a head injury case where I was prematurely being sent back to a very heavy duty job, and I was petrified and lost. A friend of mine recommended them enthusiastically (thanks Wes), and that first phone call with Griff changed my life. I felt so taken care of. I was listed to, advised, reassured and informed of any details I needed or wanted to know. Cindy kept in constant communication with me through nearly a year of this workers comp case. She always let me know that I mattered, and her response time is record breaking. James who wasn’t even working on my case went way out of his way to help me in an emergency situation. Griff is just a rock star. The end. The last question on the survey they handed me was asking what I think they need in order to keep improving, and I told them one thing other than to continue doing what they do… super hero costumes. It’s the only thing missing.

Thanks guys. From the bottom of my heart (and my healing brain), you are truly outstanding.

From the time I called to the time everything was settled, Daggett Shuler made the whole process very easy. Griff was my attorney; he was very professional and handled my case very well. I’d recommend them for anyone in need of this service.

Lance Starling