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NC May Extend Workers’ Compensation Benefits to First Responders with PTSD

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In North Carolina, a proposed bill would extend Workers’ Compensation (WC) to first responders who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). An article on this new legislation appears here.

About the Bill

H.B. 622 would extend benefits to first responders diagnosed with PTSD by a licensed psychiatrist who file within 52 weeks of diagnosis. It covers law enforcement officers, firefighters, volunteer firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and paramedics. If passed, the bill would go into effect in July 2019.

Support for the Bill

Advocates say PTSD in first responders is an occupational injury. Some municipalities, such as Ashville, already provide firefighters with coverage for visits with mental health professionals and peer-support training. A recent study at UNC-Asheville indicates 20% of firefighters from Asheville have reported behaviors consistent with PTSD.

A Growing Trend

Another news source says other states are expanding protection as well. Maryland has expanded protection to firefighters for diseases presumed caused in the line of duty. This includes Leukemia, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and Multiple Myeloma, as well as several other cancers. Indiana expanded protection for volunteer firefighters and increased burial expenses under WC for employees who die from injuries suffered on duty.

About the Workers’ Compensation Act

The North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act requires that most businesses with three or more employees carry workers’ compensation insurance. It applies to Limited Liability Companies, corporations, sole proprietorships, and partnerships, provided they do not already qualify as self-insured employers. Businesses that fail to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance may face fines, criminal charges, or even imprisonment.

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