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Mission Accomplished


Mission Accomplished

Whew!  It has been a fast and furious past eight weeks for Safe Sober Prom Night!  There are many stories of teamwork, enthusiasm, participation, passion, and success!

The students’ participation and enthusiasm make us optimistic about the future of our community.  Our students are bright, talented, motivated, and really trying to do the right things for a successful future.  They are well on their way!

Teams of Daggett Shuler attorneys and staff personally visited approximately 38 area high schools in 8 Triad counties encouraging students to sign a pledge not to drink or use drugs on prom night, distributing student designed t-shirts, and speaking to the students.  “Positive messages to our youth ensure the quality of our community for years to come,” says Griff Shuler.

This year the firm has personally paid for, delivered, and distributed close to15,000 t-shirts to high school students in the Triad area.  We have also had some technological breakthroughs with the website at www.SafeSober.com  including virtual pledge cards and many resources for teens.  Next year portends to be even bigger and better!

Of course there are also the difficult parts.  We encounter those who have lost loved ones, or are injured or disabled,  in car accidents due to drunk drivers.  Meeting those suffering folks and hearing their stories really hits home for us since it was our professional contact with people hurting in these ways that inspired us to start the SSPN program 22 years ago.

Most of all, SSPN is a story of success.  Success for our teens, our community, and our Safe Sober team.  We are already brainstorming for our 23th anniversary – Safe Sober Prom Night 2013!  We look forward to having you join us!

As a client , I must say their firm is the most caring and knowledgeable of any I know. They are prompt with answering questions. They treat you how you want to be treated. They effectively helped me in the most critical stages of my appeals in 2 different areas. I had 2 different attorneys that were experts in the areas of law to best help serve me. Their assistants gave me fast and efficient service as well. The attorneys were available to speak to whenever necessary. They are just great people! Quality is the best word to describe the staff!! I would recommend to all who need help.

Betty Shelton