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Driving While Tired

Driving While Tired

        Have you ever driven a motor vehicle while tired? Drowsy drivers are a serious threat to themselves and to everyone else on the road. Please join our Daggett Shuler team in helping to prevent driving while tired car accidents.


Most of us are probably unaware that driving while sleepy or tired impairs our driving as severely as driving drunk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as well as the North Carolina Association of State Troopers considers the problem of sleepy drivers to be equal to the problem of drunk drivers.

Driver fatigue affects the ability to see as well as perception time and reaction time. Fatigue is a bigger problem at night. People who have a long commute for work, commercial drivers who drive long hours, business travelers, and people with sleep-related illnesses are at the highest risk for nodding off while driving.

If you feel sleepy, experts recommend rolling down the window, turning up the radio, or drinking some coffee. However, the best thing to do is to not drive. It is very difficult to recover once you are tired. Please, if you are tired get off the road as soon as possible.

An easy self test is to look at yourself in the mirror. If you look sleepy, you probably are and should stop driving. If you have any doubt, pull over for the safety of yourself and for others.

Driving while tired is very dangerous. Please be careful and encourage those around you to choose not to drive while tired to help keep the roads safer for everyone.

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