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David Daggett Speaks About Safety Apps

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Announcer: Personal safety apps that could save your life.

David: We can all watch out for one another much better now that we’re walking around with GPS devices in our pockets. But there are also some really great apps out there designed to help you and your family stay safer. Using GPS, SMS, video, audio, alerts, alarms, and a variety of other features, these apps aim to keep you safe. Whether you’re going on a blind date, on a run, to a late movie, or just walking on campus at night from the library, it’s worthwhile to have one of these apps on your phone, even if it’s just for piece of mind. My three favorite apps are EmergenSee, Guardly, and bSafe.

You can download any of these safety apps for free. These safety apps are like having your own personal bodyguard with you at all times. Go to DaggetShulerLaw.com to read up on these safety apps.

Announcer: Personal safety apps that could save your life. Brought to you by Daggett Shuler, local lawyers you can depend on.

I was in a horrific automobile accident in 2021. While in the hospital a friend of mine reached out to Daggett Shuler without my knowledge, fortunately Attorney Mike Clark took my case. Ge fought so hard for me! He drove the road I was on himself, he more than answered every question I had, he was so concerned and caring not only for me but for my family as well. Without a doubt hands down I would refer anyone to him. He will fight for you and stand up for you!

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