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Daggett Shuler Shares Holiday Safety Tips for the Family!

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year when we gather with friends and families to celebrate time-honored traditions. It is also a time when we all need to take extra precautions to keep our community safe.

In the attached video, David Daggett, managing partner at Daggett Shuler, Attorneys at Law, discusses many ways we can reduce drinking and driving accidents. On average, 29 people in the United States are killed in an alcohol related accident each day. The number of alcohol related accidents increases two to three times during the holiday season. Whether you are hosting or attending a party, there are several steps to take to make sure everyone stays safe.

Drinking and Driving Over the Holidays

We need to work together to provide ongoing examples, support, and encouragement for everyone in our community to model good behavior at parties where alcohol is present. Here are some reminders and some concrete steps you can take to make sure your holiday party remains fun and festive!

  • Parents who are hosting holiday parties should never provide alcohol to underage children – it is illegal and dangerous.
  • When out with friends or coworkers, designate a sober driver or utilize one of the many ride-share services available. Making a plan cuts down on your risk!
  • If you are going to drink, always drink in moderation, and never accept an open drink.

You Are Responsible When Hosting a Holiday Party, So Be Aware of Your Guests

As a host, if you are serving alcohol it is your responsibility to make sure no guest gets behind the wheel intoxicated. According to the law, if the host of a party knew or should have known that a guest had too much to drink and is driving, and that guest goes out and causes harm to a third party/person, the host can be held responsible for the damages caused by their intoxicated guest.

How To Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays

There are other safety issues to keep in mind as we approach the holidays.

  • How to Avoid a Fire or Unintended Accident – When decorating your house be sure to keep all cords out of reach from children, do not overload outlets, and avoid placing candles near the Christmas tree. Never leave candles lit and unattended.
  • Avoid a Burglary – The number of break-ins tend to increase during the holidays, so keep your house well-lit and never have packages left at your doorstep. If you have a home alarm system, be sure to activate it when leaving the house. Also, be sure to lock your car, even when it is in your own driveway.

At Daggett Shuler Law we want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season! By keeping these tips in mind you can ensure everyone has a memorable holiday this season. Let’s keep this holiday a safe one for everyone. After all, it is the time spent with our loved ones that truly matters the most.

Happy Holidays!

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