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3 Reasons Handling An Injury Claim On Your Own Doesn’t Pay Off


When you’ve been involved in a seemingly minor accident, you may feel as though your claim is simple enough to handle on your own. However, injuries can become more serious over time, and damage to a vehicle may be worse than you initially thought. Managing your own personal injury claim can be an overwhelming and difficult process. Worse yet, insurance companies may take advantage of what you don’t know about the system to undervalue or underpay your claim. Here are a few reasons why handling your own claim could make the pain of an accident even worse.

  1. You May Not Receive the Compensation You Deserve

Right after an accident, you may not feel that any sustained injuries are serious enough to pursue a claim, or retain an attorney. Keep in mind that some injuries may seem minor at first, only to worsen over time. When you come to a settlement or an agreement with your insurance company, it is final. Once you have signed on the dotted line, you can’t revisit your claim, even if injuries become more serious later. For this reason, representing yourself may result in receiving less compensation than you deserve without realizing it.

  1. Working with Insurance Companies on Your Own Can Be Difficult

Many people assume that since you pay for your policy, your insurance company will offer you a fair settlement. However, insurance companies don’t always have your best interests at heart. They will likely try to give you the least amount of money possible – if they agree to pay out at all. Negotiating with the insurance company can seem like an impossible task. An experienced personal injury lawyer is well-versed in dealing with insurance companies, and will help you get the full compensation you deserve. In fact, studies show that those represented by an attorney generally receive three times more compensation than those that are self-represented.

  1. The Clock is Ticking

While you’re busy trying to get yourself up to speed on the applicable laws, and what you are entitled to, time is running out. There is a lot to get done by a certain deadline (the statute of limitations). From police reports to witness testimony, there is plenty of evidence and documentation to be collected. This is not an easy task for one person to handle. Personal injury attorneys have teams dedicated to obtaining the evidence and relevant paperwork for your claim, and are very skilled at doing so. Let them take the stress and strain off of you, so you can focus on healing.  

An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Help.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to another’s negligence or recklessness, the experienced personal injury attorneys at Daggett Shuler can help. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial toll that an accident or serious injury can take on you and your loved ones. Let us help you. We want to help you to move forward and get what you deserve. Call us at 336-724-1234.

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