Winston-Salem Social Security Disability Attorneys

If you are struggling with a physical or mental impairment and cannot support yourself, there is hope. Let us help.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides millions of Americans with significant financial assistance annually. Unfortunately, they also make the process complex and confusing to navigate on your own. In fact, 70% of applicants are initially denied, regardless of their case’s eligibility. Even if you were denied benefits, you still might be entitled to the benefits you need.

Securing Social Security does not have to be a hassle. With an experienced Winston-Salem Social Security disability attorney at Daggett Shuler in your corner, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

At Daggett Shuler, we will protect your rights as we walk you through the Social Security Disability claims process from application, to appeals, to approval. We are happy to speak to you about your case for free and don’t get paid until you do.

We’re on your side.

Having a Winston-Salem Social Security Disability attorney on your side is key to a successful claims process. That way, your lawyer has all the qualifications to make a difference in your case, as well as work efficiently with local Administrative Law Judges.

At Daggett Shuler, your case will be handled by a North Carolina attorney who is a Board-Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law and who has extensive experience in handling cases before the judges here in North Carolina. That is our promise to you.

Let us handle your social security disability claim.

When we handle your Social Security Disability Insurance or SSI claim, we take care of everything for you, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Prepare and file all necessary appeals and documents at each stage of the process.
  2. Gather medical information and other evidence to submit to the Social Security Administration.
  3. Contact your doctor as needed to obtain his/her medical opinion regarding your treatment, your injury or disease, and your functional abilities.
  4. Request that the Social Security Administration obtain a particular examination for you.
  5. Refer you, as needed, to a doctor for an examination.
  6. Prepare you for the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.
  7. Represent you at the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.
  8. Ensure correct calculations of any awarded benefits.
  9. File an appeal with the Appeals Council and file a lawsuit in federal court, if needed.
  10. Work to expedite the process and get a decision as quickly as possible.

Protecting Your Rights. Restoring Your Life.

We’ve seen firsthand how Social Security Disability benefits transform people’s lives. As our client, you can count on us to build your most promising case and take on the SSA on at local and federal levels for your best chance at winning maximum benefits.

If you are disabled and in need of benefits, speak with us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Call our office at 336-724-1234 or submit the form below.

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“If I ever had a question they were always answered. I was never left in the dark.  I would like to say thank you to Daggett Shuler.”
-Sabrina C., Winston-Salem, NC

“Daggett Shuler kept me informed on how my case was progressing, not only by email, but over the phone whenever I called. I really enjoyed the personal interaction with the firm. That really meant a lot.”
– Casonya K. Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem is the largest city and county seat of Forsyth County, North Carolina. The town of Salem was originally settled in 1753, being referred to as “die Wachau,” named after the ancestral estate of Count Nicolas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, and was owned by the Moravian Church. After selling the northern part of their land in Salem in 1849 for a county seat in the newly formed Forsyth County, that area became known as Winston, resulting in the two towns being referred to collectively as Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem was officially incorporated as one city in 1913.

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