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Stay Alert: Drowsy Driving Prevention Week® is Here

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On November 4th, Daylight Savings Time comes to an end in the U.S. At 2:00 a.m., clocks across most of the country will turn back one hour. For many, adjusting to the new time is difficult. Effects on the body include sleep loss and tiredness similar to jet lag. Fittingly, the end of Daylight Savings Time is the start of Drowsy Driving Prevention Week®, running from November 4th-11th.

About Drowsy Driving Prevention Week

A survey by the National Sleep Foundation reveals 97% of respondents view drowsy driving as a safety threat—and 68% consider that threat to be major. To raise awareness of the danger, the organization founded Drowsy Driving Prevention Week® to lower the number of drivers who drive on insufficient sleep—something that accounts for nearly 6,000 fatal crashes in the U.S. each year.

Concerning Statistics

In the U.S., drivers with passengers are 50% less likely to have a crash related to drowsy driving. Some of the more-troubling statistics reported by those polled indicate the following:

  • 54% of all Americans admitted they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy
  • 28% of Americans admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel within the past year
  • 55% of drivers who fell asleep while driving said it occurred on the highway
  • 59% of drivers who fell asleep while driving reported it within an hour of departure
  • 20% of drivers who fell asleep while driving reported it after three or more hours
  • 26% of drivers who fell asleep while driving reported it between noon and 5:00pm
  • 52% of men and 30% of women report having fallen asleep while driving
  • 14% of men and 8% of women report having fallen asleep while driving in the past year

Stay Alert Behind the Wheel

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration states drowsy driving caused 824 fatalities in 2015. Other sources claim sleep deprivation causes 7% of crashes and 16% of deaths. To avoid driving while drowsy—or if you already feel drowsy behind the wheel—be sure to:

  • Get a full 7-8 hours of sleep every night
  • Avoid medications causing drowsiness
  • Have an alert driver take over
  • Pull off the road to rest or call a friend
  • If far from home, get a hotel room
  • Drink soda, coffee, or other beverages 

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