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Coping With the Pandemic: How to Take Positive Action on Triad Today


On Saturday, January 16th, attorneys David Daggett and Griff Shuler of Daggett Shuler Law appeared on Triad Today to talk about the COVID-19 pandemic and positive actions you can take now. Watch the segment:

Right now, people are searching for positivity, hope, and guidance in their lives more than ever. While times are certainly difficult, David has developed a set of “Pandemic Principles” that aim to ease some of the widespread hardships people are feeling.

These concepts, initially generated via Daggett Shuler’s weekly team meetings, were created to help their team get through the pandemic while being positioned for success when it is over. The principles are ones that can be applied both personally and professionally:

Create Structure in Times of Chaos 

Without a regular schedule of being in-person at a job or attending school, it’s very easy to get out of a normal routine. A routine helps provide structure to your day while also being great for motivation and mental health. A routine doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult; in fact, it could be as simple as taking time to regularly check-in with coworkers, or having family dinners every night.

Focus on What We Can Do, Rather Than What We Can’t

It’s easy to become discouraged and dwell on inabilities or shortcomings. Losing control of our lives and circumstances is certainly very stressful. However, by really exploring the things you can still do, it puts you in a position for success and to come out of the pandemic stronger on the other side.

Pay Close Attention to Your Health

Doing your best to stay healthy and fit is one of the best possible things you can do for yourself and your body. Improving your health can be simple, and you don’t necessarily need an exercise facility to do so. Since most of us are doing significantly more cooking at home, make sure you’re eating healthy, fresh foods. Experiment with new recipes! Or, take the time you’d normally spend commuting and take a walk during that time instead. Small steps really add up!

Later in the episode, David Daggett also participated in the Roundtable discussion with Ogi Overman and Keith Grandberry. They talked about current news items and political issues. Watch the video:

We Support the Triad Community

As always, the team at Daggett Shuler Law is proud to help support efforts to do good in our local area. Our firm is heavily involved in the Triad community. We believe in setting an example and supporting those working to improve the quality and health of our communities. 

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