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Attorney David Daggett Appears on WFMY News to Discuss the Use of Data Recorders in Automobiles

As Personal Injury attorneys, one of our most important responsibilities when investigating an accident is trying to collect as much relevant information as possible. Small details can go a long way towards proving liability and getting to the bottom of what really happened. Now, many auto manufacturers are adding a tool to their cars that can help attorneys and police get the whole picture about an accident.

Event Data Recorders, also known as “Black Boxes,” are small, barely noticeable devices that are able to track a great deal of information. The real-time crash data collected from these devices can help manufacturers create safer vehicles. Unbeknownst to most people, 95% of new cars come equipped with Event Data Recorder (EDR) technology. Even cars built as far back as 2002 may be equipped with EDRs.

Police say they use the technology as much as possible when investigating wrecks to try and determine who is at fault in causing an accident. This information can also be extremely helpful to attorneys, especially in accident cases where no outside witnesses were present.

Event Data Recorders can track important factors such as:

  • Driver Height & Weight
  • Whether or Not the Seatbelt was Fastened
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Whether or Not Warning Lights Were on in the Vehicle
  • Whether or Not the Brakes Were Used
  • Outside Weather Conditions

Recently, WFMY CBS 2 News turned to attorney David Daggett to provide his perspective on these devices and the important insights they can provide to investigators. Watch the entire video below, including in-depth analysis from Daggett Shuler’s own David Daggett:

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