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A Great Time for All: The Smiley Triathlon Festival Weekend on Triad Today


On Saturday, July 16th, attorney David Daggett of Daggett Shuler Law appeared on Triad Today to tell the Triad about the upcoming Smiley Triathlon Festival Weekend. Kristen Martin and Rob King appeared with David to share their excitement about the event. Kristen Martin State Farm and Bob King Motors are the proud title sponsors of the weekend. Watch the segment:

The Smiley Triathlon Festival Weekend encompasses two great events: the Kids for Kids Triathlon on July 23rd, and the Smiley Sprint Triathlon on July 24th. It will be held at the Clemmons West Pool and open to the entire Winston-Salem community.

The Smiley Sprint Triathlon was founded by David Daggett to honor the memory of his close friend Richard Smiley, who passed away due to brain cancer several years ago. At the time, there were no adult triathlons being held in the Winston-Salem area, and David wanted to keep Richard’s memory alive while raising funds for brain cancer research.

The Kids for Kids Triathlon is a long-standing tradition in the Triad. Daggett Shuler sponsored the event for many years, and eventually David became in charge of the event. He saw an opportunity to combine the event with the Smiley Sprint Triathlon to create a weekend filled with fun events to encourage fitness that appeals to all ages. There are two divisions, one for kids aged 7 through 10, and the other is for ages 11-14. They are scaled-down events from an adult triathlon and offer a fun, safe environment for kids to be active.

There are limited spaces left for both events – you can register for the Kids for Kids Triathlon here, and register for the Smiley Sprint Triathlon here. Be sure to act quickly to ensure your spot!

Ms. Martin is excited about sponsoring the weekend as she has several personal ties to both events. She was close friends with Richard Smiley, and her children participated in the Kids for Kids Triathlon when they were young. She welcomes the opportunity to encourage fitness among the community while raising funds for a great cause at the same time.

Mr. King discussed the importance of supporting and doing good in your community. He has also been affected by brain cancer due to a close friend’s diagnosis. To him, the Smiley Sprint Triathlon Festival provides the opportunity to set an example for giving back to the Triad.

Later in the episode, David Daggett also participated in the Roundtable discussion with Ogi Overman and Keith Grandberry. They talked about current news items and political issues.

We Support the Triad Community

As always, the team at Daggett Shuler Law is proud to help support efforts to make a positive impact in our local area and support our students. Our Safe Sober program and annual backpack program are just two ways we strive to serve our community. We believe in setting an example and supporting those working to improve the quality and health of our communities. 

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I would like to take time to thank the staff at Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law. To Megan Youngblood for helping me get my disability started; thank you so much for everything!

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