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Winter Driving Safety

Winter Driving Safety
       We got our first taste of bad weather affecting road conditions today. Winter driving can be dangerous, inconvenient, even infuriating. But you can offset those aggravations and minimize the special risks of winter driving by practicing safe habits for winter driving.
      First, the best rule is to don’t drive if you don’t have to when the weather is bad. Certainly, you should minimize your driving and only do what is necessary. Please wait until after the snow plows have been through and allow yourself extra time so you are not in a hurry.
       Make sure you keep your car safely maintained. Clear the snow and frost from your windshield, side and rear windows to make sure you have full visibility. Check your vehicle’s tires, wiper blades, fluids, and lights to keep your car as safe as possible.
       Please be courteous and helpful to other drivers by leaving them plenty of room. Look ahead and be aware of the conditions well in front of you. Watching out for others drivers will help keep you safer too.

      When the roads are slick, drive more slowly and allow extra time and space to stop. When you brake, brake gently to prevent skidding so you keep your car under control and stop safely. Be particularly careful on bridges and overpasses since they freeze faster than the roadway. When it is snowing, drive with your lights on so that you are more visible to other drivers.

       Front wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles help in snow, but please remember that on ice all vehicles lose handling and are at extreme risk. Black ice can catch us off guard and by surprise, especially right after sunset. Whenever temperatures are below freezing we must be extremely vigilant for the presence of ice.
       Stay safe on the roads when bad weather comes. Winter weather can be beautiful and it is much more enjoyable if you stay safe!

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