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Toppling TVs: Keep Your Kids Safe

Flat screen TVs are found in many American homes, however most of us do not think of them as potentially dangerous to our children. A new study published by the Journal Pediatrics shows that flat screen TVs pose a higher injury risk to children than previously thought.

Unsettling Statistics

Based on hospital records compiled between 1990 and 2011, about 17,000 children are hospitalized from TV related injuries each year. The majority of these injuries are head and neck trauma due to the TV falling on the child.

The study determined the rate of injury associated with a falling TV almost doubled during the study period. Many believe this can be attributed to the rise in flat screen TV popularity, as flat screens are often easier to topple than older, heavier models.

In a majority of these injuries the TVs were placed on furniture that wasn’t sturdy enough, or were not properly anchored to the wall. Unfortunately, many parents are unaware of the risks these heavy items pose until it is too late.

Prevent Injuries from Falling TVs

Most TV related injuries are preventable if parents and guardians make sure to take the proper precautions.

If you plan on mounting your TV to the wall make sure you purchase a well-made TV mounting system. These systems are typically easy to install yourself and are not that expensive. Make sure that when you are installing the equipment that you read the directions and follow them carefully. If you mistakenly use a weak wall or do not install the system properly the TV can fall, causing serious injury to anyone in the vicinity.

When placing a TV in your home, make sure that the furniture supporting it is solid and not easy to topple. Every parent knows that children love to explore and climb, so before placing your TV take the time to think about its location and how easy it would be to pull over. There are also reinforcement kits you can purchase that screw or strap onto your furniture which helps make them more secure and unlikely to topple.


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