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A Place That Cares

This team is dedicated to taking care of you throughout your case! Before hiring Daggett Shuler, the legal process was difficult and I didn’t feel like I was taken seriously; that’s when hiring took place and things changed drastically. They helped represent me very professionally and kept me informed of the in’s and out’s of the process as well as the status within stages in a timely manner.
Personally, Griff and Cindy did a tremendous job for me and supported me from start to end; they had my back. Exceptionally kind office staff; it’s a place that ultimately cares for their clients. You can’t go wrong choosing Daggett Shuler. Simply enough, they really do have your back.

Upon initial contact with Daggett Shuler, I received a prompt reply. Attorney James’ professional assistance and guidance was extremely appreciated. Also, Shelia’s prompt replies to my calls and concerns helped to alleviate a lot of stress during this time. I would definitely recommend Daggett Shuler to anyone who is in need of a good lawyer for a Workers’ Compensation case. Thanks for all of the hard work!

Darrell Timmons