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Pain After a Car Accident: When It’s Time to Worry


Finding yourself involved in a car accident can be extremely shocking. Despite damage to the vehicles involved, some people are fortunate enough to leave the scene of the accident feeling relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, what many people don’t know is that it is possible to experience delayed pain, which can further develop into something more serious. Here are some symptoms to pay close attention to in the days and weeks following a car accident.


Experiencing headaches after an accident is very common. Usually, post-accident headaches will subside. However, if the headache persists, it could be something much more serious such as a blood clot or injury to the brain. 

Neck & Shoulder Pain 

Neck and shoulder pain is often the result of whiplash, which is something that most occupants experience upon impact. However, if you find that your pain is also resulting in stiffness, contact a medical professional. It may be indicative of a spinal injury.

Abdominal Pain 

When you’re involved in a car accident, you may feel sick to your stomach, but when you have pain in your abdomen after the fact, you should take it very seriously. Such pain may be caused by an internal injury that could be life threatening. Should you experience abdominal pain after an accident, seek medical attention immediately.

Back Pain

Many people experience back pain in the days following a car accident. This is typically caused by whiplash or a soft tissue injury. However, it could also be indicative of a herniated disc.


Not all delayed pain is physical. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a mental disorder that impacts people who have been involved in a traumatic event. You may not feel any different at first, as PTSD often appears slowly. However, the condition can greatly worsen over time, severely affecting the quality of your life.

Consult With a Medical Professional

You may feel totally fine after you’ve been involved in a car accident. But pain that appears later on could be a result of a much more serious underlying medical issue. Since many delayed symptoms can be caused by injuries that may not be immediately apparent, it’s best to see your physician as soon as possible.

An Experienced Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident it can often result in very serious – even deadly – consequences. You shouldn’t have to pay for the mistakes of others. The experienced Car Accident Attorneys at Daggett Shuler understand the serious nature of such an accident and will fight to get you what you deserve. Let us help you to move forward. Call us at 336-724-1234.

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