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North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Laws Negatively Impact Injured Workers

In June of 2011, North Carolina passed a new Workers’ Compensation law that makes obtaining Workers’ Compensation benefits a much more complex and difficult process. Because of these recent changes to the law, it is more important than ever that injured workers in North Carolina hire an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney who will make sure that their rights are protected.

While this law went into effect over 4 years ago, Workers’ Compensation lawyers in North Carolina are just now starting to feel the real impact of the changes, which negatively impact the injured worker. This law had many impacts on Workers’ Compensation claims, including:

  • Changes in “Return to Work” rights for injured workers
  • New procedures on medical treatment options
  • Changes in the length of time that injured workers are allowed to continue receiving their benefits

Injured Workers Must Cooperate with Vocational Rehabilitation

Another major area that was changed under the new law relates to workers that are unable to return to their former position due to their work injury. If an employee is no longer able to perform their previous duties after suffering a workplace injury, under North Carolina law vocational rehabilitation may be instituted by the insurance company at any point in the claim. The injured worker’s compensation can be terminated if the employee does not properly accept and cooperate with vocational rehabilitation services.

If you or a loved one start the Vocational Rehabilitation process, it is vital that you retain the services of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer. A Workers’ Compensation attorney will guide you through the “return to work” process, ensure your case is handled fairly, and protect your rights to benefits and a possible financial settlement.

Now, more than ever before, injured workers in North Carolina need an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney handling their case. Not only are Workers’ Compensation claims extremely complex and time-consuming, injured workers that attempt to handle these claims on their own also risk losing out on significant benefits and on the medical treatment they need.

Don’t Leave your Workers’ Compensation Benefits to Chance

Trust the Board-Certified Workers’ Compensation attorney at Daggett Shuler to handle your workplace injury claim. Learn your rights and take comfort in knowing that an experienced attorney is working hard on your behalf.

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