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The moment you hear the crunching of metal and the shattering of glass your life changes. You may have a claim to medical bills, lost wages, car repairs, pain & suffering and other expenses. You need help fast. When injured in a North Carolina car accident, don’t go through it alone. Let Daggett Shuler auto accident injury lawyers help you.

What You Need To Know If You’ve Been Injured In A Car Accident In Greensboro

Don’t try to handle an injury claim on your own.

The law states that the person or company responsible for the accident pay for your North Carolina auto accident injuries, repairs and losses associated from the accident. Many victims of car accidents try to handle their personal injury claim on their own. This is a big mistake. Research shows that when an experienced auto accident law firm like Daggett Shuler handles your claim, they are able to recover much more money for your damages from the insurance companies.

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At Daggett Shuler our goal is to settle your auto accident claim as quickly and fairly for YOU as possible. Unfortunately, not all insurance companies respond that way. That’s why you need a North Carolina auto accident lawyer on your side. Insurance companies’ obligations are to their stockholders and policyholders, not to people injured in car accidents.

At Daggett Shuler injury & disability lawyers our obligation is to YOU, to work hard to recover the maximum recovery for your accident and injury claim.

When you’ve been injured in an auto accident in or around Greensboro, you need help fast. You need a Daggett Shuler lawyer by your side. There is no such thing as a “simple car accident.” You have medical bills, lost wages during recovery, car repairs and other expenses.

The last thing you need is the insurance company runaround. Our law firm has attorneys experienced in such cases. When you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t go through it alone.

Let the Greensboro Daggett Shuler auto accident injury lawyers help you.

Have you been injured in a car accident and are you wondering what to do and where to turn?

Should you meet with the defendant’s insurance adjuster or sign a medical authorization form?

Is the insurance adjuster being unreasonable in settling your accident case?

Should you settle at all?

These are tough questions, especially when you are dealing with the stress, pain, and financial burden of injuries related to a car, motorcycle, or bike accident. The effects of a serious accident can be devastating and long lasting. Often, the whole family suffers. Many times it takes more than expert medical attention; it takes sound legal advice from an experienced accident lawyer.

Read Our Customer Testimonials:

“Every moment that I spent at Daggett Shuler was special. I can’t describe how great I felt in the presence of Chris and Sheila. They have gone above and beyond to comfort me while I was going through the worst time in m life. The support that they have given me cannot be described. Also I would like to thank Sheila for her incredible effort doing her best, being my friend, and I also felt she was my doctor when I was in a critical situation. Thank you for everything you have done for me. The words cannot describe how happy I am with the service Daggett Shuler has given me and my family.”
-Jakup N. Greensboro, NC

“I will remember the wonderful service and care that you showed me; everyone deserves to have that, especially after you have had a crisis happen to you.”
– Lakeisha J. Greensboro, NC


Following a car accident, you’re immediately faced with many questions. If you’ve suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you need answers from someone you trust as soon as possible. An experienced Greensboro car accident lawyer can answer your most pressing questions.

How Much is Your Car Accident Case Worth in Greensboro?

An important question you could ask after being injured in a car accident in Greensboro is, “what is my case worth?” The most accurate answer involves different factors, and it takes a legal professional to investigate the facts, thoroughly review medical bills and records, and assess the severity of your injuries.

Your car accident case’s value can only be determined after the following:

● You have finished medical treatment.
● All of your medical records have been reviewed.
● All of your medical bills have been obtained.
● All of your wage loss information has been received.
● You have consulted with your treating physician to see if your injuries are permanent.
● Your accident has been completely investigated to ensure the at-fault party’s negligence.
● The collection source is determined, usually by the other person’s insurance company. In accidents in North Carolina, if the at-fault party doesn’t have insurance or the insurance is inadequate, the collection source may be the injured person’s insurance company.

This all may seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some guidelines to help you in this process. There are three pillars to all personal injury claims: liability, damages, and source of collection. To ensure your case’s highest worth, you must establish all three. A dispute to the extent of the damages or whether the other side is liable or at fault should be expected. Questions will arise such as:

• Who caused the collision?
• Did someone act unreasonably careless under the circumstances? If so, that party would be negligent.
• Did the injured person’s own negligence contribute to the accident?

The second necessary part of the personal injury trinity is damages. If you were in an accident but didn’t sustain any injuries or damage, you would not have a claim. However, if you have been injured in a Greensboro car accident, you are entitled to fair compensation. A strong legal professional believes the value of damages is based upon what they believe a reasonable jury would award as fair compensation, while some lawyers unfortunately determine value based on whatever the insurance company will offer.

It can be very difficult to place a dollar amount on disfigurement, permanent disability, and pain. So, many insurance companies use a mathematical formula to figure out how much should be paid for car accident cases. For example, adjusters often multiply past economic losses by 1.5 or 2 when the injuries are relatively minor and by 3 to 5 times when the injuries are more severe. Typically, the more serious and painful the injury, the greater the multiplier. However, an adjuster may subject you to calculations that are not in your best interest. A skilled accident attorney would not let this happen. Your health, well-being, and the value of your claim shouldn’t be reduced to a formula that favors the insurance company. Your case must be carefully examined on its own merits.

How Do We Evaluate Your Car Accident Lawsuit in Greensboro

At Daggett Shuler, we prepare a Demand Brochure that clearly demonstrates the aspects of your Greensboro car accident case when the time is right. This extensive document details the facts, liability issues, injuries, treatment, future prognosis, and our evaluation of these issues in your case.

Once we complete the Demand Brochure, we will review it with you in detail. We discuss all options available to you, from settling with the insurance company to going to trial. We ensure that you are familiar with your choices and their respective consequences.

Following a review of all pertinent information with you, and after gaining your approval, we send the Demand Brochure to the insurance provider of the negligent party. From there, we negotiate with the insurance company for a settlement offer. After a settlement offer is received, we speak with you and let you know how much money you will net (in your pocket), so you will have a chance to fairly evaluate your options.

This process is ongoing until the insurance company offers what we believe is their best and final settlement. If accepted, your settlement money is usually in your hands in approximately 30 days. If you decide not to settle, then we will move forward with litigation and let a jury decide the value of your case. We will do everything within our means to obtain the verdict you deserve.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident in Greensboro?

A car accident could shake up your life and render you confused and helpless. Unfortunately, insurance companies are positioned to take advantage of your vulnerability and desperation to move on with your life. Thus, capitalizing on your dire situation by convincing you to settle for a fraction of what your case may be really worth.

What Can an Attorney Do for Me After a Car Accident in Greensboro?

Too many car accident victims are too nervous or intimidated to seek the help they need. In other cases, some had bad experiences with other lawyers. Some have suffered additional losses due to their insurance company, and some simply do not believe in personal injury claims.

Once these individuals speak with a Greensboro car accident lawyer regarding their claims, their rights, and the legal process, they have much more peace of mind. They are assured that it’s okay to seek compensation for their injuries, and they feel confident that they are doing the right thing. Our clients also appreciate the opportunity for a free consultation, with no upfront cost and no pressure.

Our team will go over your Greensboro car accident, your legal rights, and any other questions you may come about regarding your case.

We’ll give you a full understanding of our legal experience, including the cases we have settled and tried before juries. During this exchange, we hope to:

● Find a way to recover compensation for your injuries.
● Investigate the insurance company you’re up against and identify if it is withholding any of your entitled benefits or pressuring you into a quick settlement.
● See if you’ve been exposed to unknown risks, which could be detrimental to your case.

We know how difficult this time is for you and your family, but waiting any longer for answers may only cause additional stress and concern.
Above all, our goal is to create an environment where you will feel comfortable talking with an expert about your legal options; only when you are in a situation where there is no pressure will you be able to make the decision that is best for you.

The initial case evaluation is free, and if you decide to hire the Daggett Shuler car accident lawyers, you pay zero hourly fees. We only get paid when we win our clients’ Greensboro car accident claims. Until then, you pay nothing.

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