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Fatal Tractor Trailer Accident Reminds Us the Importance of Driver Safety

Earlier this week 2 men were fatally injured near Interstate 77 when their car traveled under a tractor trailer. The tractor trailer was turning onto C.C. Camp road when the accident occurred.

Unfortunately, the two passengers inside the car did not survive their injures. The NC Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident.

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As a driver, it can be intimidating when sharing busy highways with large tractor trailers, buses and trucks.  Here are some important tips to remember the next time you find yourself sharing the road with a large vehicle.

  • Be aware of the blind spots around the front, back and sides of large trucks. Large truck drivers have a hard time spotting a vehicle if they are driving in these blind spots. If you cannot see the truck driver in the trucks mirror, the truck driver cannot see you!
  • When passing a truck make sure you can see the front of the truck in your rear-view mirror before you pull ahead. Do not flash your headlights in order to change lanes – this is not a universal signal to alert any driver on the road.
  • Never swerve in front of a large truck and immediately slam on your brakes. It takes a truck longer to come to a stop! Imagine the length of a football field; this is about the amount of time it takes for a large truck to come to a complete stop.
  • Truck drivers need more space to turn so it is important to pay attention to truck drivers signals and give them the proper amount of space needed.

Accidents involving tractor trailers remain a serious problem among busy highways in North Carolina and across the country. As a motorist, it is your responsibility to share the road responsibly to ensure everyone makes it to their destination safely.

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