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Do You Know About The Great Work “North Carolina Advocates For Justice” Is Doing?

There is an important organization in North Carolina that is committed to protecting the rights of the people, and that is North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ). They focus on advocacy work in the NC state legislature advocating for the rights of all citizens.

NCAJ produces numerous legal publications and holds over 40 professional development seminars annually to help attorneys in North Carolina improve their skills.

NCAJ is running an outreach campaign called, “Better Together” and asked a few members to record a video about the work that their law firm does and how they support NCAJ. Watch attorney David Daggett speak about his law firm and NCAJ, the largest group of plaintiff and criminal defense attorneys in the state protecting people’s rights.

Another big goal of NCAJ is to enhance public understanding of the U.S. legal system. The organization’s Legal Affairs Committee also monitors the development of law and serves as a trial attorney advocate to the North Carolina State Bar.

For over 50 years, North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) has been fighting to protect the rights of the people in North Carolina. NCAJ is a “nonpartisan association of legal professionals dedicated to protecting people’s rights through community, education and advocacy.”

Attorney David Daggett is a member of NCAJ and dedicates his time and expertise to support the mission of this well-established and helpful organization.

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