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Anti Texting Laws not Having Intended Effect

Beginning in 2008, several states and cities instituted laws banning texting while driving. These laws were a result of numerous studies that demonstrated the dangers of texting while behind the wheel. Some studies have even claimed that texting while driving may be more dangerous than drunk driving.
Unfortunately, despite the efforts of several local lawmakers, these bans seem to be having little measurable effect in preventing accidents and injuries caused by distracted drivers.

A national 2010 study found that car crash rates were not significantly lower in states that had texting bans versus states without bans. There are several possible reasons why the bans might not be having an effect, including drivers who do not listen to the ban, ineffective enforcement and the increased number of people using smart phones.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into why these laws do not seem to be having a larger effect on decreasing distracted driving accidents. In the future, penalties for being caught texting while driving may be increased to help discourage drivers that refuse to obey. Additionally, lawyers are now going after both texting parties in serious injury and death related distracted driving claims. If you are sitting at home knowingly texting someone who is driving, you too could be held liable for the car crash that occurs. So beware, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE AND DO NOT TEXT ANOTHER PERSON WHO YOU KNOW IS DRIVING.

We urge all drivers to be alert on the roadways to possibly try to avoid potential distracted drivers if at all possible. Never assume that because you are driving safely everyone else is doing the same.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a distracted driver, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today who may be able to help you collect compensation for your injuries, loss and pain & suffering.


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