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Strong Legal Counsel

I had an accident at work and hurt my shoulder two years ago, had surgery and was dealing regularly with my doctor, employer and the insurance company during my rehabilitation. My situation became stressful as I felt pressure to return to my old position without proper and specific accommodation.

My brother, an attorney in another state, recommended I speak to a local workers’ compensation firm because of the many complex regulations. I reached out to a few firms, but Daggett Shuler was the only one to offer me a face-to-face appointment to consider my case. I met for two hours with attorney James Cohn where I learned enough to feel confident about going forward with Daggett Shuler.

Over the many months and the ups-and-downs of my recovery, Mr. Cohn and his team at Daggett Shuler, including Shelia – my first person for contact- gave me timely, educated and sound advice at every turn. There were many junctures at which I would have said the wrong things or made different (and far worse) decisions without the advice of James Cohn and his associates.

Workers’ Compensation is a tricky, complicated and stressful subject that is difficult to understand and navigate without strong, professional, legal counsel. I got that from James Cohn and Daggett Shuler. They advised me well in all my dealings with my doctor, the insurance company and my employer. I strongly recommend both Mr. Cohn and Daggett Shuler to anyone in need of steady, knowledgeable and personalized legal representation.

Thank you Daggett Shuler. After dealing with workers comp for a year on my own after my injury, I was advised to call a lawyer. I’m glad I called Daggett Shuler.
Special Thanks to Michael and Sheila. From the beginning your hard work got the approval for the medical care I needed. Answering all my questions and keeping me informed every step of the way. The staff went above and beyond throughout my case. I highly recommend Daggett Shuler.

Brenda Veler