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When you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you need help fast. You need a Daggett Shuler lawyer by your side. There is no such thing as a “simple car accident.” You have medical bills, lost wages during recovery, car repairs and other expenses.

The last thing you need is the insurance company runaround. Our law firm has attorneys experienced in such cases. When you’ve been injured in a North Wilkesboro car accident, don’t go through it alone.

Let Daggett Shuler auto accident injury lawyers help you.

Have you been injured in a car accident and are you wondering what to do and where to turn?

Should you meet with the defendant’s insurance adjuster or sign a medical authorization form?

Is the insurance adjuster being unreasonable in settling your accident case?

Should you settle at all?

These are tough questions, especially when you are dealing with the stress, pain, and financial burden of injuries related to a car, motorcycle, or bike accident. The effects of a serious accident can be devastating and long lasting. Often, the whole family suffers. Many times it takes more than expert medical attention; it takes sound legal advice from an experienced accident lawyer.

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“Every moment that I spent at Daggett Shuler was special. I can’t describe how great I felt in the presence of Chris and Sheila. They have gone above and beyond to comfort me while I was going through the worst time in m life. The support that they have given me cannot be described. Also I would like to thank Sheila for her incredible effort doing her best, being my friend, and I also felt she was my doctor when I was in a critical situation. Thank you for everything you have done for me. The words cannot describe how happy I am with the service Daggett Shuler has given me and my family.”
-Jakup N. Greensboro, NC

“The attorney and paralegal I worked with were always on top of everything! That gave me great confidence in my case and in them.”
-Matthew F. Winston-Salem, NC

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North Wilkesboro is a town located in Wilkes County, North Carolina. North Wilkesboro is the original home of Lowe’s Home Improvement stores, and is also home to the first NASCAR-sanction race track, the North Wilkesboro Speedway. Although the speedway was closed in 1996 after 50 years of racing, attempts are still being made to preserve and reopen the track for racing once more. North Wilkesboro has a population of 4,245 residents according to 2010 census figures, and is nicknamed “The Key to the Blue Ridge.”

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