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Holiday Safety Tips

From our Daggett Shuler family to yours, we send wishes for a happy and safe holiday season! Please remember to keep safe this holiday season so you are left with happy memories. Please consider the following safety tips.

We reviewed a number of safety tips for Halloween, and you can review those tips here. There are additional safety guidelines for this holiday season that specifically apply to your Christmas tree, holiday lighting and decorations, and toys for small children.

When buying a natural Christmas tree, the most important thing is freshness. The fresher the tree, the less likely it is to be a fire hazard. Examine the needles of the tree you are looking to purchase. You should be able to bend them between your fingers without them breaking. Also, be sure to keep your tree fresh by cutting a few inches off the bottom of the trunk and placing the tree in a sturdy water-holding tree stand.

Be sure to keep your tree away from sources of heat, like heat vents and fireplaces, and water your tree regularly. Trees can easily tip over, so make sure they are secure in a sturdy tree stand and placed out of walkways. Rodents and insects can also come into the house with the tree, so you may want to double check it! Lastly, remember to keep the breakable ornaments high enough that they are out of reach of small children.

Holiday decorations are not used often and therefore need to be checked for damage and wear and tear every year when you use them. Be sure all electrical outlets are in good condition, and use safety caps on unused outlets. Be sure all electrical cords are in good condition, and don’t plug too many cords into each other. Make sure all lights are fastened safely and securely, and remember to turn off all lights when going to bed or leaving the house.

Children are always excited to open their new toys for Christmas. Please check to make sure that all toys are age appropriate and make sure no loose, small parts can be accessed by small children since they are a choking hazard. Remember to wear helmets and follow other safety guidelines with new bikes and scooters.

Other areas where we all need to practice safety include using candles, luminaries, and fireplaces. Fire safety is always important during the holidays.

Other detailed tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics are available here. Following a few simple safety tips can help make sure the holidays are safe and happy for your family. Happy Holidays!

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