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Happy Holidays from Daggett Shuler Law

December 19th, 2017 Holidays

With the Holiday weekend approaching millions of Americans will be hitting the road or sky to get to their destination on time.  AAA estimates that 107.3 million Americans will be traveling by planes, trains and automobiles from Saturday December 23 through Monday January 1st; making this the highest travel period on record.

The attorneys and staff at Daggett Shuler want to remind everyone traveling this Holiday weekend to stay safe with these travel tips:

  • Avoid peak travel times – when planning your travel time avoid peak dates & times! This year’s peak travel times are Saturday December 23rd and Monday January 1st.
  • Know your airport – if you are traveling by plane make sure to know your route! Checking alternate airports can help in the long run; the smaller the airport the fewer flights and delays!
  • Leave early – make sure to give yourself extra travel time in case there is a delay on the road or in the air. If you are flying plot your connections carefully keeping in mind larger airports have more delays. If your traveling by car know your route and avoid heavy traffic areas like highways.
  • Travel early or late in the day – by traveling early or late in the day you can avoid hitting major traffic or experiencing delays.
  • Stay calm – be prepared for the worst and keep your cool.
  • Don’t speed – Give yourself plenty of travel time to get to your destination, since there will be way more traffic than usual
  • Don’t drink & drive – Whatever you do, wherever you go, just don’t consume alcohol then get behind the wheel of a car. Even if you think you’re not drunk or intoxicated, your reaction time is considerably slower after alcohol consumption.
  • Don’t text & drive – When behind the wheel of vehicle, especially with loved ones in the car keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel and your head looking straight ahead at traffic.
  • Keep provisions in the car – Always keep bottled water, a blanket, have a full tank of gas, and maybe some snacks to eat and jumper cables. You never know when you will hit a storm or breakdown, so be prepared for the worse.

Happy Holidays from Daggett Shuler!

And if you are injured in any type of car accident, truck accident that was not your fault, call the caring, experienced car accident attorneys at Daggett Shuler Law for help. We offer a free confidential consultation to discuss your situation. We’ll give you the advice you need to make an informed decision.

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After my car accident, the amount of paperwork became overwhelming and quite stressful to keep up with. I contacted Daggett Shuler and was immediately put at ease. The meeting was set up very promptly and we were told to not worry and let them handle the details.

Once the portal was set up, I received frequent updates. If I had questions that could not be addressed by email, I would receive a phone call. I never felt rushed or that my questions were not important.

Upon completion of my case, I felt that everything had been done to ensure a proper outcome of my situation. Everyone in the office is polite, respectful and professional. I would highly recommend Daggett Shuler. They made a difficult time in my life much easier to deal with.

Anna Kirstine