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North Carolina Injury Law – A Reference for Accident Victims


As experienced personal injury lawyers, we understand that most accident victims are caught unprepared for the life-changing effects of a sudden, serious accident. This book should help guide you through those changes and the new medical worlds you will enter, with a step-by-step explanation of the entire process.

We wrote this book as an introduction to personal injury law for people who find themselves just where you are now: the victim of a devastating accident.



 Social Security Disability Law – A Reference for Social Security Disability Claims

SingleSocialSecurityBook225Did you know that the government denies the majority of claims, even when people deserve benefits? If you applied for SSD benefits at your local Social Security office and they denied your claim, don’t give up. We have been very successful at securing favorable decisions for our clients.

We also understand that many Social Security Disability applicants are overwhelmed at the thought of the complicated application process. We wrote this book for you.



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